2014 R.H.D


Exterior Styling, general description

A number of styling accessories that give you more opportunities to personalise your car. The styling products enhance the car's already modern Cross Country character further and also give a more refined look.

Exterior Styling Kit

The styling kit, together with "End pipes, double", gives a unique and more refined robust look.

Side Scuff Plates

A styling element that ties together all silver painted details, both the standard fitted details and products from the "Exterior styling kit", to a design whole.

Roof spoiler

An aerodynamic and sporty roof spoiler, equipped with both "aero-fins" and black-painted "winglets" to create the optimum airflow and reduce turbulence behind the car and increase the car's downforce

Carbon fibre cover for door mirror

Unique door mirror covers with a matt surface finish in real carbon fibre. The covers give the feeling of exclusivity and give a sporting character to your car.

Door mirror cover

Those who have equipped their car with black rims, can now enhance the aesthetic look by also equipping the car with black door mirror covers.

Rear decor trim

A robust and exclusive decor trim that doubles as effective protection against scratches and abrasions, as well as loading and unloading for example. A rubber-like material surrounded by a silver-painted plastic frame, protects the upper part of the rear bumper, while increasing the refined Cross Country character further.

Rear skid plate

Further enhances the car's already modern Cross Country character. Making the silver area smaller, and instead adding an area of exterior colour, gives an even more refined design impression.

Double end pipes

Oval double end pipes in chromed stainless steel, which enhances the car's refined and powerful Cross Country design further.

Touch up paint, paint, bonding primers (Excl. KR, TR)

Volvo Genuine paint. Spray cans and touch-up pens for minor paint damage.