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Spoiler for boot lid

Spoiler for boot lid
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Op. No.: 89133

A striking and colour coordinated rear spoiler that improves the already excellent driving characteristics, without increasing fuel consumption, especially at high speeds.

Offered in all colours and supplied either pre-painted or primed for post painting.

Part. No.Description
39802098Black stone, 019
39802102Silver metallic, 426
39802104Black sapphire metallic, 452
3983344516-, Magic Blue, 467
39802112Electric silver, 477
39802114Cosmic white, 481
39802116Seashell, 484
39802118Ember black, 487
39802120Chameleon blue, 490
Part. No.Description
39802122Savile grey, 492
39802126Caspian blue, 498
39802106Passion red, 612
39802108Ice white, 614
39802128Flamenco red, 702
39802130Electrum gold, 703
39802100Primed, 001
39814567Rebel blue, 619
39820260Crystal white pearl, 707
39820262Bright silver metallic, 711
39820264Power blue, 713
3983871116-, Osmium Grey, 714
3983627016-, Onyx Black, 717
39842035Luminous Sand, 719
39849329Mussle Blue, 721
+ Primer
Part. No.Description
1161727Excl. CN
+ Adhesive
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Manufactured from high quality plastic, which gives the spoiler a low weight.

  • Easy to install using PUR adhesive.

  • Creates 28 N downforce at 100 km/h and 121 N downforce at 200 km/h.

Technical data


Plastic (ABS)


Colour coordinated

Accessory weight:

0.85 kg (1.9 lbs)




Not offered pre-painted in all colours. In cases where a colour is missing, order unpainted and post-paint in the desired colour.

Last updated: 4/28/2022