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Op. No.: 36628 36607

Volvo Guard Alarm System is an advanced remote controlled alarm system, especially developed for your C70. The alarm can be configured according to market requirements and is designed to conform to all insurance and legal requirements.

Movement sensor is a valuable supplement to the basic equipment. Triggers the alarm when movement in the passenger compartment is discovered or if the windows are smashed.

Siren with level sensor, triggers the alarm if the position of the car changes, for example, if someone tries to steal a wheel or tow the car away.

For further information about the Alarm, see Alarm, general description

Alarm, base kit, without level sensor

Part. No.Description
+ Application1
Part. No.Description
30664427Excl. BE
+ Alarm LED
Part. No.Description
31288760Ch 049641-
8250498Ch -049640, Ch 049651


Alarm, base kit with level sensor

Part. No.Description
+ Application, alarm sirenĀ¹
Part. No.Description
30664427Excl. BE
+ Application, level sensorĀ¹
Part. No.


Movement sensor

Part. No.Description
+ ApplicationĀ¹
Part. No.

Technical data


VCC_00164, vccpartners

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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