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USB and iPod® Music Interface

USB and iPod® Music Interface
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Op. No.: 37015

Listen to all your favourite music in the car by easily "docking" your portable music player or USB memory. USB and iPod® Music Interface enables you to connect most iPod®, USB memories and certain MP3 players. This means that you can listen to your stored favourite music directly from the car's audio system.

Thanks to the USB and iPod® Music Interface, you have a simple, easy, and safe way to access your music favorites in the car. The sound quality is superb and handling is easy with the radio controls and display. Eliminates the need to handle and bring along lots of CDs.

The music player is charged while connected to the car.

Connection and storage are optional and either the tunnel console or glove compartment can be chosen.

Performance Sound, High Performance with 6 CD changer, Premium Sound with 6 CD changer

Part. No.Description
30758238Ch 516946-

All audio levels

Part. No.Description
30758238Ch 393236-516945
+ Installation kit
Part. No.
+ Application
Part. No.Description
30677024Ch 393236-442598
+ Cable
Part. No.Description
31316394USB and iPod® cable

Choose one of the following applications:

+ Application1
Part. No.Description
30732978USB and iPod® Music Interface

Facts and advantages

  • Superb sound quality.

  • Supports most iPods®, certain MP3 players and most USB flash memories as well as other USB devices that can store music (not MTP, "Media Transfer Protocol").

  • Fully integrated functionality in the car regarding controls and display.

  • Charge your iPod, MP3 player or other USB device that is charged via USB (e.g. mobile phones) while you drive.

  • Simple and safe to operate while driving, either via the steering wheel buttons or the radio controls.

  • Both USB/MP3 player and an iPod® can be connected at the same time.

  • Random play.

  • Practical and concealed storage of your iPod®/MP3 player in the tunnel compartment or glove compartment, however, with tunnel installation/storage it is not possible to take out the tunnel compartment.

  • Compatible with all audio levels (Premium, High Performance and Performance).

  • Supports the following music formats: WMA and WAV (decompressed), MP3, however, not DRM protected files.

  • There is no problem playing music with the USB and iPod® Music Interface even if not all of the files on the USB unit are music files. The player will ignore everything but music files.

Technical data




Only USB products of the type "USB mass storage device" and file system FAT 16/32 can be used.

There are a large number of USB products on the market; some of which cannot be read by the USB and iPod® Music Interface. In these cases it is evident from the display that the connected unit cannot be played. Try with an alternative USB product instead.


The USB and iPod® cable makes it possible to plug in both a USB and an iPod® at the same time. Only one can be played at a time, though.


From and including Ch 516244-, USB will be factory installed for audio levels Premium Sound without 6 CD changer and High Performance without 6 CD changer.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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