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Alcohol lock, installation kit

Alcohol lock, installation kit

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Op. No.: 33441

"Alcohol lock, installation kit" is a preparation in the car that simplifies the connection of an alcohol lock. With an alcohol lock in the car, you prevent the car being started with a drunk driver behind the steering wheel.

What is unique with the "Alcohol lock, installation kit" is that the preparation allows the alcohol lock to be integrated with the car's functions. Thus you can get instructions and messages from the alcohol lock in the main display. E.g. information that the engine can be started or you need to make a breath test.


Part. No.
+ Wiring, for cars without option code 601 ("Alcohol lock preparation")
Part. No.Description
+ Installation kit, for cars without option code 601 ("Alcohol lock preparation")
Part. No.
31659528Installation Instruction
+ Electrical control unit, for cars without IntelliSafe Assist 2
Part. No.Description
322147702018, Ch -15389
+ Electrical control unit, for cars with IntelliSafe Assist ┬│
Part. No.Description
322147712018, Ch -15223

Facts and advantages

  • A preparation in the car, which makes it easier and safer to connect alcohol lock.

  • You can read instructions and messages in the car's main display.

  • Only offered without bypass function.

Technical data




"Alcohol lock, installation kit" is only a preparation and must be supplemented with an alcohol lock system. Systems that are compatible are available from Dr├Ąger, and ACS Corporation Alcohol Countermeasure Systems. See each respective manufacturer's website or contact your Volvo dealer for more information.


Cars with option code 601 ("Alcohol lock preparation") do not need wiring or installation kit since they are already in the car.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. The hydraulic unit's electrical control unit must be replaced in specific cases.
Last updated: 2/25/2022