2013 L.H.D

Rearview mirror casing, external

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Op. No.: 84626

Unique rear view mirror covers with silvery surface finish, which give the car a sporty and exclusive character. Fitted as standard on "R-design".

Those who have equipped their car with black rims, can now enhance the aesthetic look by also equipping the car with black door mirror covers.

The images show the colour of the rearview mirror casings.

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Part. No.Description
3142884212-, Bright Silver metallicInstallation Instruction
3139936212-, BlackInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Black door mirror covers are recommended in combination with black rims.

Technical data


ABS plastic


Bright Silver metallic or Black


The rearview mirror casings replace existing rearview mirror casings and are installed in existing holes.


VCC_02046, VCC08052

Last updated: 4/28/2022