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CD changer, 6-disc

CD changer, 6-disc
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Op. No.: 39522

As an accessory, Volvo makes it possible to upgrade from the factory-fitted CD player to a CD changer with room for up to six CDs, provided that the car is factory-fitted with either Premium Sound or High Performance Sound.

IAM with CD changer, that can play MP3/WMA-coded CDs.

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3131625607-Installation Instruction
+ Frame1
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+ Application2
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Technical data


VCC_05808, vccpartners


The system requirement for update to CD changer is that the car is equipped with High Performance Sound or Premium Sound audio system.


Cars manufactured from and including Ch 75311- with 1 CD + USB lose their USB functionality as a 6 disc CD changer has been installed.

  1. Applies to changing from MD/CD player to CD changer.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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