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Lock kit

Lock kit
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Op. No.: 89183

A locking system that makes it easier for you to supplement the load carriers with additional accessories. You can lock up to six lockable accessories using the same key.

Install or replace all locking cylinders on your various cargo-carrying products so that you can use the same key for all locks.

Part. No.Description
32147044Six locks

Facts and advantages

  • One set with six locks that can be opened using the same key.

  • The keys are supplied in a box for convenient storage of keys that have not yet been used.

Lock kit with six locks suitable for:

  • Load carrier.

  • Most lockable accessories.

Technical data




The lock cylinder must be N-marked if the locks are to be replaceable.


It is very important that the customer writes down and saves the lock number (stamped on the keys) so that a replacement key can be ordered if the keys are lost.

Last updated: 5/15/2024