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Bicycle holder for towbar, 3–4 bikes – FIX4BIKE®

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Op. No.: 89147

Modern bicycle holder for towbar equipped with "FIX4BIKE®". The bicycle holder can transport three bicycles, but can be supplemented with an adapter to transport four bicycles. The advantage with "FIX4BIKE®" is that the bicycle holder has a better fitting and is easier to fit onto the towbar.

The towbar coupling is simple to remove using an ergonomic handle.

The bicycle holder is suitable for several types of bicycles, large and small. As the bicycle holder can hold up to 60 kg load capacity, it is possible to transport mountain bikes and electric bicycles.

Rubber coated frame holder and adjustable ratcheting straps for maximum grip on bike frames and wheels. The frame holders can be easily removed or put back on the bar in one easy hand movement.

The wheel holders can be extended laterally, which allows for the transportation of bikes with wide wheelbases.

The bicycle holder has a tilt function that means that the luggage compartment can be easily accessed with the bikes installed. Foot operation means that both hands are free to support the bikes when the holder is tilted.

The double lock function secures the bikes as well as the bicycle holder to the car.

The low height makes it easy to load the bikes, but to simplify loading further, a removable ramp can be supplemented.

Part. No.Description
32296440LHD, (Incl. 13-pin wiring)
+ Adapter, for cars with a 7-pin towbar connector, see Plug adapter for towbar

Detachable ramp

Part. No.

Adapter for a fourth bicycle

Part. No.

Recommended accessories:

Lock kit "One Key System" can be installed if the same key is required for several load accessories, seeLock kit

Facts and advantages

  • The advantage of "FIX4BIKE®" is that the bicycle holder has a more stable fitting and is easier to fit onto the towbar.

  • Extremely versatile and fits bikes with frame diameters of 22–80 mm and max. 3" wheel width (e.g. Fatbike).

  • Simple to remove using an ergonomic handle.

  • Attachment of bikes is made easy by ratcheting straps for the wheels.

  • Double lock function that locks bikes and bicycle holder.

  • Removable and transferable frame holder, which can be locked.

  • Foot-operated tilt function, even when loaded with bicycles, for easy access to the luggage compartment.

  • Can be supplemented with removable ramp to facilitate loading.

  • The extendible lighting ramp is easy to handle thanks to the integrated handle.

  • Includes number plate holder.

Technical data



Accessory weight:

18.9 kg (42 lbs)


Length: 1030 mm

Width: 720 mm


Bicycle holder and bicycles

Load capacity, bicycle holder:

3 bikes (+1 with adapter for extra bike)

Max. 60 kg (incl. adapter and extra bicycle)

Max. weight per bicycle is 25 kg

Load capacity adapter for a fourth bike:

Max. 15 kg


EEC, TÜV, City Crash

Electrical connector:





Only suitable for towbar equipped with "FIX4BIKE®". (See illustration 2.)

Towbar with "FIX4BIKE®" is standard on all Volvo models from and including 2018, except for V40 and V40 Cross Country models.

Last updated: 5/15/2024