2011 L.H.D

Caravan mirrors

Caravan mirrors
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Op. No.: 84665 pcs 2 84664 pce 1

A substantial side mirror designed for use when towing a wide load, e.g. a caravan. The mirror is easy to fit and does not chafe the car's paintwork.

The mirror can be folded in towards the car when driving through tight spaces. The mirror can be folded for storage.

The mirror has an epoxy coated tube base that is mounted between the wheel arch and the upper fender edge. The mirror is locked to the car by the hood.

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Facts and advantages

  • Supplied in pairs

  • Can be folded in or folded together

  • Protrusion length is adjustable

  • Satisfies EU norms.

Technical data

Accessory weight:

3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)

Max. protrusion:

550 mm (21.7 in) (to the center of the mirror)

Mirror area:

175 x 125 mm (6.9 x 4.9 in)


VCC_11994, vccpartners

Last updated: 4/28/2022