Parking assistance, rear

Parking assistance, rear

Op. No.: 36687 39631

Rear parking assistance is an excellent system that warns of obstructions when you have limited space behind the car, e.g. with tight parking.

The system is activated when reverse gear is engaged. The radio's/stereo's sound level is muted and a pulsating "buzzer tone" starts to sound in the car's rear speakers when approx. 150 cm (4.9 feet) remain to the obstruction. When the obstruction is approx. 30 cm (12 in) from the rear bumper, it becomes a constant tone.

The kit consists of four sensors that are installed in the rear bumper, a control module, as well as wiring. Holders and sensors are painted in the same colour as the car.

System may generate "false signals" as a reaction to external sound sources with the same frequency as the system's sensors. Typical sources are horns, wet tyres on asphalt, air brakes, and motorcycle exhaust pipes. It is possible to deactivate the system via the menu in the radio display, e.g., when reversing with bicycle carrier.

Part. No.Description
31373501Ch 97000-
30758092Ch -96999Installation Instruction
+ Application1
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+ Cleaning agent
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+ Activator2
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+ Hole punching tool3
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9997234Ch 97000-
+ Tape4
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1161347Ch 97000-

Facts and advantages

  • Makes you aware of obstacles when parallel parking or the like

Technical data


VCC_08459, vccpartners

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. Use an opened pack immediately.
  3. The hole punching tool can be used for several installations. Replace the tool with a new one when it becomes blunt.
  4. 50 m, can be used for several installations
Last updated: 5/14/2020