2014 L.H.D

Bumper bar, front bumper

Bumper bar, front bumper
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Ch -628376

Op. No.: 86323

A design element integrated in the front bumper that enhances the exclusive XC profile.

Bumper bar gives a decorative and attractive surround around the number plate.

The Bumper bar accessory is developed as a design element and has no negative impact on the car's collision properties.

Part. No.Description
31339992Silver metallicInstallation Instruction
31359139PrimedInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Simple to install with clips, without having to remove the bumper. The standard bumper bar has been replaced with a more exclusive Bumper bar accessory.

  • Painted in matt silver metallic or painted with primer, to enable your Bumper bar to be painted in the car's exterior colour

  • No negative impact of the car's collision properties

  • Can be combined with Parking assistance, front

Technical data


Plastic PP-EPDM


Silver metallic or painted with primer

Accessory weight:

0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)




Fitted as standard from chassis number 628376.

Last updated: 4/28/2022