2015 L.H.D


Accessory, R-design, general description, exterior

Distinctly stylish with a dynamic impression, for individuals with a taste for performance.

Exterior Styling, general description

Wind tunnel optimised styling offer that improves the car's aerodynamic properties, and that gives the car a sportier and more personal design.

Exterior Styling Kit

A styling kit that really makes the car stand out from the crowd and gives the customer the ability to personalise their car to a more dynamic design, while optimising the air resistance.

Exterior Styling Kit for V40 R-design

A styling kit that really makes your car stand out from the crowd and that will allow you to personalise your car further.

Roof spoiler

An aerodynamic and sporty roof spoiler, equipped with both "aero-fins" and black-painted "winglets" to create the optimum airflow and reduce turbulence behind the car and increase the car's downforce

Carbon fibre cover for door mirror

Unique door mirror covers with a matt surface finish in real carbon fibre. The covers give the feeling of exclusivity and give a sporting character to your car.

Door mirror cover

Those who have equipped their car with black rims, can now enhance the aesthetic look by also equipping the car with black door mirror covers.

Rear diffuser

A unique diffuser that is installed as standard on R-design. Contributes to a sportier and more powerful appearance.

Rear diffuser

A design element that positively affects the aerodynamics of the car.

Sports exhaust system

A unique exhaust system with double chromed end pipes that further increase the sporting character of the car. Standard on R-design.

Round end pipes

Unique tail pipe with chrome finish that further increases the sporty character of the car. Is installed as standard on R-design

Touch up paint, paint, bonding primers (Excl. KR, TR)

Volvo Genuine paint. Spray cans and touch-up pens for minor paint damage.