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Remote key fob shell – leather

Remote key fob shell – leather
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Op. No.: 36696

An exclusive collection of key fob shells, which tastefully matches the interior of the car. The shells indicate which car you are driving and make your key more decorative.

Part. No.Description
31652174-20, Amber

Facts and advantages

  • It is possible to switch between accessory key fob shells and production key fob shells.

Technical data






The accessory fob shell only fits key cases produced 2016 w49:1-

The production date is located in the bottom of the key case. You can find the number by detaching the fob shell from the case and lifting the mechanical key.

Read the date as follows: Digit 1 = day of the week. Digit 2 and 3 = week. Digit 4 = year. For example, 1496 = day 1 week 49 year 2016


For instructions on how to change key fob shells, see "Replacing remote key battery" in the car's owner's manual.

Last updated: 3/13/2023