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Charging cable

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A charging cable makes your daily life more flexible. The cable is available in two lengths with different connectors to suit your needs.

Charging of the car is monitored by two-way communication between the car and the control box. When the cable is connected to the car, self-test diagnostics are performed to ensure that the cable is properly connected and that the car is ready to receive power before charging starts. Charging is done either via a Mode 2 or Mode 3 type charging cable. The control and safety functions are the same for both, but the location of the control box and the cable's design differs.

Charging with Mode 2. The control box is integrated in the charging cable and plugged into an ordinary power socket.

Charging with Mode 3. The control box is secured in a charging station connected to the mains supply. The charging cable does not require any logic to control charging, but has a special connector (Type 2) for connection to the control box.

Schuko connector (Mode 2), Image: 2

Part. No.Description
322085928 metres, Max. 10 A, Excl. DE, DK, FI, FR, GB
322085914.5 metres, Max. 10 A, Excl. DE, DK, FI, FR, GB

CEE connector (Mode 2), Image: 3

Part. No.Description
322085948 metres, Max 16 A
322085934.5 metres, Max 16 A

Type 2 connector (Mode 3), Image: 4

Part. No.Description
314071208 metres, Max 16 A, 1 phase
306448604.5 metres, Max 16 A, 1 phase

Recommended accessories:

Cord holder

Facts and advantages

  • The cable must not be repaired or spliced as this can affect its safety and function.

  • IP 67 protection rated

  • The cable can withstand a load of 500 kg in the event of being driven over.

  • The control box does not power the cable until it is correctly connected and the car is ready to receive current.

  • The cable's control box has an integrated earth fault circuit breaker. In the event of an earth fault, the current is switched off.

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