Shaped plastic luggage compartment mat

Shaped plastic luggage compartment mat

Op. No.: 85526

An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the luggage compartment and colour matched to the rest of the interior.

To prevent the load from sliding around during transportation, the mat is coated with a layer of friction increasing material.

The mat also has raised edges that effectively prevent dirt and water from leaking out into the luggage compartment.

Charcoal Solid

Part. No.Description
39841685Low load floor
39841686High load floor

Facts and advantages

  • Shaped to fit the luggage compartment floor.

  • Easy to position and remove from the car for cleaning.

  • Anti-slip surface

  • Allows access to the load-lashing loops.

Technical data



Accessory weight:

Mat, high load floor

Mat, low load floor

1.8 kg (4.0 lbs)

2.2 kg (4.9 lbs)




Not suitable for plug-in hybrid/Twin Engine.


If the car is equipped with a spare wheel, the load floor is high, otherwise it is low.

Last updated: 9/2/2020