2006 L.H.D

Installation Instruction

Installation instructions, accessories
Volvo Car Corporation Gothenburg, Sweden
S60 2006
S60 (-09) 2006

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Glasses holder, S60/S80/V70







  • Read through all of the instructions before starting installation.

  • Notifications and warning texts are for your safety and to minimise the risk of something breaking during installation.

  • Ensure that all tools stated in the instructions are available before starting installation.

  • Certain steps in the instructions are only presented in the form of images. Explanatory text is also given for more complicated steps.

  • In the event of any problems with the instructions or the accessory, contact your local Volvo dealer.


  • Carefully prize up the top edge of the cover where the glasses holder shall be located. Use a plastic weatherstrip tool.


    The glasses holder only fits the two front seat positions for the grab handle in the V70, but in all four positions in the S60 and S80

  • Unscrew the two screws under the cover and place them to one side. They shall be used again later.

  • Detach the rubber moulding in the top edge of the door opening.

  • Carefully bend the outer edge of the headlining to access the catches in the lower edge of the handle's inside.

  • Press the catches in and twist the handle off into the car. Place the handle to one side, it shall not be used again.


    Do not damage the inflatable curtain.


    Installing the glasses holder

  • Open the glasses holder and hold down the spring cover.

  • Position the glasses holder at the grab handle's old location and tighten it to the body with the existing screws.

  • Tighten the screws to 8±2 Nm (6 ±1.5 lbf.ft.).

  • Remove the protective backing film from both ends of the felt in the glasses case.

  • Press the tape in the ends of the felt against the bottom of the glasses case.


    Using the glasses holder

  • Open the glasses holder and hold down the cover.

  • Place the glasses in the cover of the case and release. The cover will then spring back against the upper section of the glasses holder.