Decor foil, general description

When your Volvo car is wrapped with decor foil you should be aware of certain factors that may affect your ownership and usage of your car.


The durability of your Decor foil depends on a large number of factors, including, among others exposure, such as but not limited to environment and climate, and the amount of pollution.

As a customer you shall see your Decor foil as a “second skin” which has limited properties against UV, mechanical abrasion, chemical resistance etc. It is not possible to protect and ensure that your Decor foil will not in some way be affected by stone chips and your Decor foil will have different properties depending on the climate. Your Decor foil is thus an option with limited sustainability and with different behaviours compared to conventional paint.

The degradation of your decor foil, such as a slight and progressive change of the colour and the gloss is a natural and unavoidable phenomenon. If a significant degradation of your decor foil appears (discolouration, powdering or tanning), due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, weather or polluting agents, we recommend to remove or replace the decor foil from your Volvo car even though it will not damage the underlying paint.

It is normal that the Decor foil may come loose at edges on the car. This doesn't mean that it is anything wrong with the Decor foil and therefore not covered by any warranty as set out in this information page.

The service life of the decor foil is 2-5 years. After that period it is recommended that the wrap is removed.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Decor foil

Your decor foil must not be washed using any automatic cleaning methods. Your vehicle must only be washed by hand with cleaning products and similar, as used in the context of professional vehicle maintenance. Volvo recommends the use of cleaning products that are available from your Volvo dealer. The instructions on the use of these products must be followed. However, observe caution when washing. The decor foil can be damaged by hard brushes.

High-pressure cleaners and steam-jet-devices should be used with care. Use a maximum pressure of not more than 80 bar at a distance of at least 50 cm and a water temperature of 35°C maximum. The cleaning nozzle not to deviate more than 30° from horizontal to the ground.

Corrosive agents and detergents are prohibited. Volvo is not liable for any adhesive films cleaned with the unspecified additives from cleaning stations.

The Decor foil shall be cleaned regularly. Particularly aggressive contaminations, as by tree resin, dead insects or bird excrements, should be washed off as soon as possible with warm water or soap solutions. Never use corrosive solvents or gasoline etc.

Whenever possible, store in a garage or at least in a shaded area during the day. At night, you should protect the car from dew or rain, which may contain acidic pollutants (A common problem in many large metropolitan areas). When a garage is not available, consider using a cloth car cover at night.

Warranty coverage

Your Decor foil is covered with warranty and begins at the time as the Vehicle Warranty, or at the later date of the application of the foil on your Volvo Car. Both warranties have the same duration and covers the same geographical area, separately purchased warranty programmes not included. The warranty covers any faults and deviations in the Decor foil that have occurred due to a defect in materials or wrapping. Necessary repairs will be performed free of charge by any Volvo dealership or authorised Volvo workshop, regardless of any change in vehicle ownership during the period of warranty.

Exclusions from the Warranty

Volvo is not responsible for any faults or deviations of the Decor foil as a direct result of:

• Failure to properly mantain the Decor foil correctly in accordance with Volvo's instructions herein.

• Factors beyond Volvo's control, such as environmental hazards including - but not limited to - industrial fallout, storm damage, acid rain and damage (including stone chips, scratches and use of unsuitable cleaning agents).

• Accident repairs using materials or repair methods not approved by Volvo.


Spare parts for the decor foil might not be available for more than three years after the application on your vehicle.

Last updated: 4/23/2019