Park Assist Pilot

Park Assist Pilot

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Ch 180770-

Op. No.: 36656

"Parking assistance, pilot" is an excellent system that warns of obstacles when you have limited space in front of the car, when parallel parking for example. The system is semi-automatic and can support the driver when parallel parking the car, if the distance between obstacles front/rear is sufficiently large. The car takes over steering and the driver takes care of gears, acceleration and brakes, and follows the instructions displayed in the car's driver's information display. The system can also be used in manual mode.

Semi-automatic mode:

When the driver wants to park with parking assistance, this function is activated via a button on the car's centre console. The car will then start to scan for a space to park in. When the space is found, the driver is asked to stop the car ahead of the space and follow the instructions given by the car on how the driver should change gear, accelerate and brake.

When reverse gear is engaged the car starts to turn the steering wheel while the driver accelerates and brakes. When the car is in the space and is a distance of 30 cm from any rear obstacle, parking assistance asks the driver to switch to a forward gear. When the driver engages a forward gear the car will continue to steer the car into the space. Each time the car is 30 cm from an obstacle in front or behind, parking assistance asks for a gear change. When the car is parked an acknowledgement is given and control is returned to the driver.

Manual mode:

The system is activated when the speed falls below 30 km/h. A signal indicates the distance to an object in front of or behind the car. When an object is indicated, the radio's/stereo's sound level is muted and a pulsating "buzzer tone" comes from the car's speakers. The tone starts to sound when approx. 80 cm remains to the obstacle and becomes a constant tone when the obstacle is approx. 30 cm from the bumper. The remaining distance is also displayed on the multimedia display in the centre console.

In order to differentiate between the front and rear systems, different tone frequencies are used and the sound comes from different speakers, front or rear.

The kit consists of two sensors with holders mounted in the front. Park Assist Pilot can be disabled in traffic jams or the like by pressing the button in the centre console.

The system can produce "false" signals as a reaction to external sound sources with the same frequency as the system's sensors. Typical sources are the horn, wet tires on asphalt, pneumatic brakes and motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Part. No.
Parking assistance, pilot (R-design)Installation Instruction
Parking assistance, pilotInstallation Instruction
Parking assistance, upgrading to Pilot (R-design)Installation Instruction
Parking assistance, upgrading to PilotInstallation Instruction
+ Wiring, for cars with factory fitted "Parking assistance, front"
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+ Application1
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+ Cleaning agent
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+ Primer2
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1161765Excl. CA, CN, JP, US
+ Hole punching tools3
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Facts and advantages

  • Easier to find a parking space.

  • Gives instructions when parallel parking for example.

Technical data




Not suitable for the V60 Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine.


To be able to install "Park Assist Pilot", the vehicle must be equipped with "Electric Power Assist Steering" (option code 877) and "Adaptive Digital Display" (option code 584 or 019).


"Park Assist Pilot" can only be used in combination with rear and front parking assistance.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. Japan orders in accordance with a separate procedure.
  3. Hole punching tools can be used for several installations. Replace the tools with new ones when they becomes blunt.
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