2015 L.H.D

Rear skid plate

Rear skid plate
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Op. No.: 86324

Further enhances the car's already modern Cross Country character. Making the silver area smaller, and instead adding an area of exterior colour, gives an even more refined design impression.

Read more about the exterior styling concept at Exterior Styling, general description.

Part. No.Description
39814647 Black Stone, 019Installation Instruction
39814651Silver, 426Installation Instruction
39814653Black Sapphire, 452Installation Instruction
39818284Electric Silver, 477Installation Instruction
39814661Caspian Blue, 498Installation Instruction
39814655Passion Red, 612Installation Instruction
39814663Flamenco Red, 702Installation Instruction
39814665-15, Vibrant Copper, 704Installation Instruction
39818291Biarritz Blue, 705Installation Instruction
39835459Ocean Blue II, 706
39814667Raw Copper, 708Installation Instruction
Part. No.Description
39818947Titanium Grey, 455Installation Instruction
39814657Ice White, 614Installation Instruction
39845795Amazone Blue, 621
39824698Crystal White pearl, 707
39817147Misty Blue, 710Installation Instruction
39824701Bright Silver metallic, 711
39834600Power Blue, 713
39823946Osmium Grey, 714
39845117Luminous Sand, 719
39845118Mussle Blue, 721
39845119Denim Blue, 723
39793422Fusion Red, 725
39814659OlackeradInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Can be combined with products from the "Exterior styling kit"

  • Replaces standard mounted skid plate

  • Does not negatively affect any of the car's characteristics

Technical data


Plastic (PP-EPDM)


Colour coded and Silver metallic (426)

Accessory weight:

1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)




Always combined and only with "End pipes, double".

Last updated: 4/28/2022