2015 L.H.D

Double end pipes

Double end pipes
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Op. No.: 25240 25208

Oval double end pipes in chromed stainless steel, which enhances the car's refined and powerful Cross Country design further.

Read more about the exterior styling concept at Exterior Styling, general description.

For cars with two visible end pipes

Part. No.Description
31339067-15, T5 (B5204T9, B5254T12, B5254T14)Installation Instruction
3133906715-, T5 (B4204T11)Installation Instruction
31339067-15, T4 (B4164T, B5204T8)Installation Instruction
3133038615-, D4 (D4204T14)Installation Instruction
31330386-15, D3 (D5204T6)Installation Instruction

For cars with concealed end pipes and a rear silencer

Part. No.Description
31399477-15, D2 (D4162T)Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Can be combined with products from the "Exterior styling kit".

  • There is an additional installation kit for some of the engines, which also allows twin end pipes for these versions.

  • Replaces the standard end pipes.

  • Does not negatively affect any of the car's characteristics.

Technical data


Chrome, stainless steel

Accessory weight

Without installation kit:

approx. 2.8 kg

With installation kit

5.9 kg (13 lbs)


Always combined and only with "Rear skid plate".

Last updated: 4/28/2022