Park Assist Pilot without 360° Camera

Park Assist Pilot without 360° Camera

Workshop installation recommended

Op. No.: 36656

Do not stress about tidy parking - let your car assist you! Your car will guide you in, whether it be along the street or in a perpendicular parking space.

With the push of a button "Park Assist Pilot" reads the parking space using ultrasonic sensors. The system notifies you if the space is big enough. For parallel parking a space of only 1.2 times the length of the car is enough, which is a size that most drivers would not even consider trying to park in. Then just follow the instructions on the driver's display. You control the vehicle's gears, throttle and brakes and "Park Assist Pilot" controls the steering until the vehicle is parked perfectly. You can also get assistance when leaving a tight parallel parking space.

Part. No.
Park Assist Pilot (vehicles with front and rear parking assistance)Installation Instruction
Park Assist Pilot (vehicles with only rear parking assistance)Installation Instruction
+ Sensor kit, for cars without front parking assistance
Part. No.Description
32270736For cars without R-design
32147064For cars with R-design
+ Wiring
Part. No.Description
+ Application, Park Assist Pilot2
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Helps you to park in both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces

  • Easier to find a parking space.

  • Helps you leave parallel parking spaces.

Technical data




This offer does not include "Parking camera 360°".

"Park Assist Pilot" can only be used if the car is equipped with "Rear parking assistance" or "Rear and front parking assistance".


This accessory does not work on cars with CEM LOW (VX02)1. Please check the car's equipment level before ordering this accessory.


This update does not affect the functionality for "Rear parking assistance" and "Rear and front parking assistance".

  1. The car does not have CEM LOW (VX02) if it is equipped with one or more of the following functions: Air Quality System and Multifilter 3, Plug-In Hybrid, Fuel heater with timer, Heated windscreen, Electrically retractable rear head restraints, Electric lowering of second seat row, Parking sensors front and rear, Semi-automatic parking assistance, Heated windscreen wipers, Keyless, Front fog light.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 11/19/2019