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Complete Winter Wheel Kits

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This kit with complete winter wheels offers the perfect solution for a safe driving experience.

The winter wheel kit contains original wheels from Volvo and tested and approved tires in order to ensure optimum performance in all winter conditions.

Volvo's winter wheels and tires are tested in northern Sweden where they have been subjected to rigorous testing in order to ensure that they possess the perfect characteristics suitable for a Volvo.

It is important not only to take into account the grip on snowy and icy surfaces, but also the grip on cold asphalt as well as predictability and low rolling noise.

These winter wheel sets are not just necessary for snow and ice, but are also needed as soon as the temperature drops to below 7 degrees above zero Celsius (45 °F). This is because all seasonal and summer tires lose their elasticity at this temperature, which compromises their grip and performance.

Volvo wheels are also tested, and factors to take into consideration in cold winter conditions include strength, corrosion resistance and brake cooling in particular.

Volvo wheels are also designed to fit the hub on your Volvo well and without difficulty. This precise fitting gives the wheels a perfect balance that ensures a comfortable driving experience without causing undue stress and wear on the other components in the suspension system.

A range of safety systems assist your Volvo to avoid a potential collision, but several of these are dependent on the tire's grip. The surface of the tire's grip is approximately equal in size to the palm of your hand. Only Volvo's original wheels can guarantee this small surface and thus offer you a safe driving experience in winter conditions.

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19" 6-Spoke Turbine Silver Alloy

Part. No.Description
8640888 LH, Image 2
8640889 RH, Image 2

20" 10-Spoke Silver Diamond Cut Alloy

Part. No.Description
8640892 LH, Image 3
8640893 RH, Image 3

Facts and advantages

  • Complete winter wheel kit with 4 wheels and tires.

  • Supplied balanced and ready to be installed.

  • Supplied without hub cap.

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Last updated: 5/10/2022