Decor film

Decor film

This decor film is one way to give your car a unique Bursting Blue Matte color.

The film also protects your car's paint.

Note that there are specific warranty restrictions and that there are special requirements for maintenance and cleaning, for example. The life expectancy of the film is 2–5 years. For more information regarding restrictions, seeDecor film, general description.

Part. No.Description
3140867730 m (98.4 ft) per roll (one roll for one car)

Facts and advantages

  • Gives the car a matte look.

  • Good paint protector.

Technical data

Color code:

Bursting Blue

Accessory weight:

3.3 kg/7.3 lbs (approx 0.18 kg/m² or 0.04 lb/ft²)




The film must be handled in accordance with the film supplier's instructions regarding application, cleaning agents and tools.


Recommended for use only on cars painted in Bursting Blue.

Last updated: 4/23/2019