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Adaptive Digital Display

Adaptive Digital Display
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Op. No.: 38128

Upgrade the Adaptive Digital Display with a 12.3" active TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) for a bigger screen than the standard 8" active TFT screen. This further enhances the car's exclusive look and makes driving even safer thanks to the clear onscreen information.

12.3" screen shows two gauges and information between them.

The upgrade makes it possible to get "Navigation Advanced" to appear on the 12.3" screen1, which is not possible with the 8" screen. The map is displayed graphically between th gauges, making it easier to follow the instructions and find the right way. "Navigation Advanced" displays a zoomed out view when driving straight ahead and zooms in when approaching an intersection, while at the same time indicating which lane to be in.

You can adjust the car's digital driver display and interface to your own preferences. The driver display can be shown in the following four themes:

Default is a classic and elegant design with a black/white appearance.

Minimalistic gives the screen a clean and exclusive appearance, without unnecessary details.

Chrome gives the screen a luxurious appearance with chrome-look details.

Performance is an uncompromising sporty look with red details in the gauges.

You can also change the car's drive mode to get the car to react like you want and to get the gauges to show relevant content for the selected drive mode. There are four different drive modes to choose from: Default, Eco, XC and Dynamic.

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Facts and advantages

  • 12.3" high resolution TFT screen.

  • Provides an exclusive and high tech look when you climb into the car and when you are driving.

  • Makes driving even safer, thanks to the clear on-screen information.

  • Comfortable and easy on the eyes as the brightness automatically adjusts to the surrounding light.

Technical data



  1. Only available if the car is equipped with "Navigation Pro" or "Connected navigation".
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 2/17/2022