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Polestar Performance Optimisation

Polestar Performance Optimisation
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Op. No.: 36004

Polestar Performance Optimisation helps you get more enjoyment from your Volvo. The car will be even more responsive and fun to drive while providing greater certainty in situations where extra performance is needed, for example when overtaking.

Through our long cooperation with Polestar we can now offer efficient engine tuning that optimises the torque and output of your Volvo within the normal range of the engine. The increased engine performance kicks in when it is needed most; up long hills or for overtaking, which gives an increase in safety as better acceleration reduces the time it takes to make an overtaking manoeuvre.

All this is offered without an increase in the certified fuel consumption, which means that the car's environmental impact remains unchanged. With the help of Polestar's power optimisation, it is even possible, in practice, to reduce fuel consumption if you drive in an environmentally sound manner with fast acceleration and maintain a steady speed with low engine load.

Polestar Performance Optimisation can be installed by all Volvo dealers without affecting Volvo's original warranty.

Visit www.polestar.com for updated information on the offers available in your market.


Polestar Performance Optimisation is not available for all engines. To find out whether your Volvo can be optimised, visit www.polestar.com.


Local certification is required to install the Polestar Performance Optimisation. Please contact Volvo's local marketing company for information about the legal requirements applicable in each country.

Last updated: 4/28/2022