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Remote key fob shell - wood

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Op. No.: 36696

Choose between two luxuriously designed key fob shells in the highest quality wood. Rather than reflect the interior of the car, the key fob shells are designed to harmonize with the Scandinavian heritage and make your key more decorative.

Wood veneers are hand-picked and carefully selected to find the material best suited to you. The natural texture, color and grain of the wood gives each key fob shell a unique look. Each key fob shell is therefore exclusive.

The key fob shell is made by hand with great care and precision. You can change the shell yourself or your dealer can assist you.

Choose between two attractive wood versions with different nuances and structure:

Dark Flame Birch is made of birch and has a classic dark appearance with a luxurious high gloss finish.

Linear Walnut made of walnut and has a modern look where the structure and authenticity of the wood can be seen.

Part. No.Description
31659816Dark Flame Birch, Image 1
31659817Linear Walnut, Image 2

Facts and advantages

  • Handmade key fob shell.

  • It is possible to switch between accessory key fob shells and production key fob shells.

  • Supplied in an elegant box.

Technical data


Wood veneer/PC ABS





For instructions on how to change key fob shells, see "Replacing the remote key battery" in the car owner's manual.

Last updated: 5/25/2022