2015 L.H.D

Driver's Support

Sensus Connected Touch, Map updates (AU, NZ, MX, BR, AR, CL, CO, IN, SG, ZA, AE, BH, IQ, JO, KW, OM, SA, QA, US, CA)

If you already have Sensus Connected Touch with navigation installed, we can offer a new SD card with updated map data.

Sensus Navigation with Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

"Sensus Navigation" is a navigation system that is fully integrated in the car. Connect to the internet using a separate SIM card via Volvo On Call or by Bluetooth from your cell phone to take advantage of a greater navigation experience.

Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) helps you to monitor the traffic situation to make it easier for you to plan your journey.

Adaptive Digital Display

With high resolution digital instrumentation, you can adapt your car's instrumentation layout and interface according to your preferences. The 8" active TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) gives the interaction between car and driver a new dimension.

Interior rearview mirror with auto-dim and compass

The frameless rearview mirror has a sleek and modern design that enhances and harmonizes with the freshness of the interior.

Front Park Assist

Front Park Assist is an excellent system that warns of obstructions when you have limited space in front of the vehicle, such as when parallel parking.

Rear Park Assist

Rear Park Assist facilitates distance assessment and informs of obstructions when you have limited space behind the vehicle, such as when parallel parking.

Front wide-angle Park Assist Camera

Front wide-angle Park Assist Camera provides an expanded field of view of 45° to the left and the right. The image from the camera is displayed on the 7" large multimedia screen.

Rear Park Assist Camera (Ch 559323-)

Increases your field of vision behind the car when parking. A camera mounted in the tailgate now makes it possible for you to have "eyes in the back of your head" when parallel parking. The screen displays what is behind the car.


DAB/DAB+ Digital radio (DAB), preparatory installation

DAB/DAB+ Digital radio (DAB), preparatory installation, is a preparation which makes it possible to enjoy digital radio in the vehicle, with interference free reception and excellent sound quality.

Rear Seat Entertainment

RSE multimedia system - two screens and two DVD players

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) is the ultimate entertainment system for passengers in the rear seat.