2018 L.H.D


Remote key fob shell - wood (Excl. EMEA)

Choose between two high-quality, luxuriously designed wooden key fob shells that tastefully match the interior of the car. Key fob shells make your key more decorative and harmonize with the car's Scandinavian heritage.

Remote key fob shell – leather (AME, CN, JP, AE)

An exclusive collection of key fob shells, which tastefully matches the interior of the vehicle. The shells indicate which vehicle you are driving and make your key more decorative.

All-weather interior passenger compartment floor mats (Excl. Plug-in hybrid/Twin Engine)

Floor mats, including a tunnel mat, for the passenger compartment floor. The mats are made of plastic, but have a rubber feel. They have raised edges all around, which help protect the vehicle's interior against moisture and dirt.

Textile interior passenger compartment floor mats

Tufted fabric floor mats with Nubuck Vinyl edging and fabric-based backing. The mats provide effective protection for the vehicle's interior against liquids and dirt.

Sport steering wheel in leather with heating

A three-spoked leather steering wheel with a sporty design.

Illuminated tailgate scuff plate (AU, CA, CL, MX, PE, PR, US)

Load compartment trim with illuminated inlay of stainless steel, which gives an exclusive and elegant look. Replaces plastic load compartment trim, with or without stainless steel inlay.