2018 L.H.D



The Volvo pillow provides comfortable support for the head, and is optimally designed for your vehicle. It has pliable padding covered with an exclusive material. The pillow is designed to provide the best comfort and its stylish design integrates perfectly with the vehicle's interior.

Neck cushion

Volvo's head restraint provides comfortable support for the head thanks to its soft materials and high moldability.

Comfort pillow for the rear seat

"Selected by Volvo Cars" is our range of carefully selected accessories directly from exclusive suppliers of high quality products. That means this product, just like our original accessories, meets Volvo Cars' requirements to make life in the vehicle as comfortable as possible.


Sunshade for windshield (Excl. CN)

With a sunshade in the windshield, your vehicle will maintain a cooler temperature on hot days.


Glasses holder

A practical and functional glasses holder for the best possible storage of your glasses.


A functional ashtray that can be removed for easy cleaning.