2018 L.H.D

Driver's Support

IntelliSafe Assist

"IntelliSafe Assist" makes it easier and safer to drive where you want. "IntelliSafe Assist" consists of "Adaptive Cruise Control" (ACC) and "Pilot Assist".

Sensus Navigation (Excl. pure electric)

"Sensus Navigation" is a navigation system that is completely integrated in the vehicle. Connect to the internet with a separate SIM card via Volvo on Call, or via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from your smartphone. Internet connection gives you a greater navigation experience.

Smartphone integration (Excl. Pure electric, CN)

Smartphone integration supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and it means you can use your smartphone simply and safely in the vehicle.

Apple CarPlay (Excl. pure electric)

"Apple CarPlay™" is a safer and easier way of using your iPhone in the car. The technology means that you can control the functions of your iPhone, either through the vehicle's touchscreen, steering wheel controls or Siri voice function.

Rear Park Assist Camera (Excl. pure electric)

With the rear parking camera, you can increase your field of vision behind the vehicle and have the option of "eyes in the back of your head" when parking.

Polishing cloth

The microfiber polishing cloth can be used to gently clean the digital displays in your vehicle. Since this Volvo designed cloth is made of polyester, it is ideal for sensitive surfaces.