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Keyless key package Upgrade

Keyless key package Upgrade

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Op. No.: 36692-2

This set of keys consists of two standard keys and one Key Tag. The smaller Key Tag allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle without needing to have the standard key with you. The key is waterproof and is perfect for someone with an active lifestyle.

All three keys are supplied with upgraded hardware containing additional theft protection against signal interception. This hardware replaces its predecessor in earlier keys and is upgraded with extra protection to secure your vehicle. The advanced theft protection helps prevent relay attacks for improved security, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected.

The key case has an attractive design with chrome buttons and parts, which give the key a premium appearance. You can also choose to continue to use the key fob case from your previous key, as it is easy to transfer the old key fob case to the new key.

Part. No.Description
31652546Ch -133860, Installation Instruction
+ Red key, for customers who already have the "Red Key remote key" and who want to make it compatible with the "Keyless key package."
Part. No.Description
31652623Excl. JP, KRInstallation Instruction
+ Application, add, remove key1
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Feel secure when you leave the vehicle unattended with the advanced theft protection in the keys.

  • The set of keys contains three keys: two standard keys and one Key tag.

Technical data


Key01_V01 (The illustration is an example and is dependent on the vehicle's key fob case.)


Replaces the hardware in existing keys. Existing keys must therefore be returned to the retailer and exchanged.


The offer also applies for customers who already have a "Red Key remote key." If the customer does not already have the key, please see the offer for the "Red Key remote key."


The chassis numbers refer to a change during model year 20. The break took place in week 46, 2019, and only applies to vehicles built before then.

Vehicle models are produced in different factories. Therefore, check the 11th position in the VIN code to see which chassis number applies for your vehicle.

  1. Used by the retailer to add or remove keys to/from an existing vehicle.
Last updated: 2/17/2022