Load Compartment

Mat, cargo compartment, textile, reversible

A practical, waterproof and reversible mat with textile on one side and rubber on the other for transporting dirty loads.

Mat, cargo compartment, moulded plastic

A practical luggage compartment mat moulded in plastic for everyone with an active outdoor life. Thanks to the raised edges, dirt and water are prevented from leaking out into the cargo area.

Protective net, nylon

A practical check pattern safety net in sturdy nylon together with two strong steel bars: one in the top edge and one in the bottom edge. The net prevents luggage and cargo from sliding forward into the passenger compartment during heavy braking.

Protective grille, steel

A practical protective grille that prevents loads or pets from being thrown forward into the passenger compartment in the event of heavy braking or a collision.

Load compartment divider, longitudinal

A steel cargo area separator enables you to separate the cargo area longitudinally and then have two cargo areas in one. You can, for example, separate dirty or fragile cargo from other cargo.

Luggage compartment cover

A stylish, retractable compartment cover that conceals luggage in the cargo area.

Dirt cover, bumper

A practical cover for the rear bumper that prevents clothes from getting dirty and protects the bumper when loading and unloading.

Load Securing

Load lashing strap

The load in the cargo area can be held securely in place using this practical and user-friendly load-lashing strap.

Net, cargo area, floor (Excl. CN)

A practical fabric net that prevents cargo from sliding around in the cargo area. Made of an elastic material, making it easy to load cargo under the net. Colour coordinated to match the rest of the interior.

Mesh pocket, cargo compartment side panel

An elasticised net pocket for easy storage and fastening of bottles, carrier bags, small packages and similar.


The Volvo towbar program

The Volvo towbar has a unique design for the S80, S60 and V70 00- and is in harmony with the lines of the car.

Towbar, detachable "Hitch"

A towing bracket for V70, V70 R, and XC70, especially designed for use in the North American market. The towball is very easy to manoeuvre. If you wish to remove it, to make space for one of our towbar-mounted accessories, you only need to remove one pin.

Protective cover

The protective cover has been designed to hide the mounting of the removable towball, enabling the car to maintain its elegant appearance when the towbar is not in use. All that is visible is the protective cover on the bumper.

Towbar, wiring

A specially designed power cable kit for S80, S60, S60 R, V70, V70 R and XC70.

Adapter for towbar wiring

For temporary adaptation of the car's towbar wiring to another pin connection on the trailer.

Level control, fully automatic (Excl. S60 R and V70 R)

Volvo's level control automatically adjusts the damping pressure according to how heavily the car is loaded.

Load Carriers

Load carrier

A specially designed transport system for loads on the roof. The load carriers are two durable, galvanised, plastic-covered steel profiles and feet with fully-covering black plastic casings.


Rails designed for the car's roof line. Aerodynamically shaped with elegant connection to the roof moulding and very easy to fit, thanks to the car's preparation with three mounting points in the roof.

Load carrier, for rails

Elegantly designed load carriers for mounting on rails that decorate the car even without a load. An attractively designed load carrier base with built-in, hidden attachment mechanism.

Load carrier, wing profile for rails

Elegantly designed load carriers with wing profile that suit the car even without a load. A choice of material that gives the car an exclusive and sporty image.

Lock kit

A lock system that makes it easier if you have load carriers and wish to add other accessories. You only need one key for up to four locks to fit the entire range of available load carriers.

Bicycle Holder

Bicycle carrier, cargo compartment

The accessory for anyone who wants to take extra care of their bicycles. This carrier can be used to transport two bicycles inside the car, well protected from the weather, wind and tampering individuals.

Bicycle rack, aluminium

A bicycle rack that means you can enjoy a combination of elegant design and simple handling. Made of aluminium and structured around a solid rail and robust rod.

Bicycle holder

If you want a simple, affordable and practical bicycle rack, this bicycle rack made of steel is the perfect choice.

Bicycle rack + wheel holder for fork mounting

A bicycle rack with a new, smart and elegant design. Manufactured in aluminium suitable for all types of front forks including bicycles with disc brakes.

Sport Equipment Holder

Ski holder with slide rail

The optimal choice for when you need a ski holder, with no need to climb onto the car and get dirty when you load and unload. With a simple pull, the ski holder slides out to the side of the car, providing easier access to your skis.

Ski holder, aluminium

Volvo's aerodynamically designed aluminium ski holder fits all types of skis and snowboards. Thanks to the ski holder's practical push-button opening, loading and unloading is easy, even with thick ski gloves.

Ski holder

Volvo's lockable ski holder with attractive design and flowing lines makes the ski trip a comfortable pleasure. Thanks to the ski holder's practical push-button opening, loading and unloading is easy, even with thick ski gloves.

Ski holder, diagonal

Lockable ski holder for transporting up to two pairs of skis. The diagonal design raises the skis so that large bindings do not damage the roof.

Kayak cradle, folding

An easy-to-load and space saving cradle for the safe transportation of kayaks. The angled and space saving design allows two kayaks or one kayak plus extra equipment to be carried on the car roof.

Canoe/kayak carrier

An ideal carrier for transporting a canoe or kayak on the car's roof. The angle of the holders can be adjusted by a couple of simple hand operations, which means that they can be adapted to fit a number of different types of hull.

Roof Boxes

Roof Box "Odin 1750"

Living an active lifestyle, going on vacation, or just in need of the extra space? If that's the case, then the Volvo "Odin 1750" Roof Box is for you.