Shaped plastic luggage compartment mat

Shaped plastic luggage compartment mat
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Op. No.: 85526

An attractive plastic protective mat, form-molded for the trunk.

To prevent the load from sliding around during transport, the mat is coated with a layer of friction-increasing material.

The mat also has raised edges that effectively prevent dirt and water from leaking out into the luggage compartment.

Charcoal Solid

Part. No.Description
31659469High load floor
31659467-21, Low load floor

Facts and advantages

  • Shaped to fit the luggage compartment floor.

  • Easy to position and remove from the car for cleaning.

  • Anti-slip surface

Technical data


Recycled PP/PE and TPE

Accessory weight:

Mat, high load floor

Mat, low load floor

1.8 kg (4.0 lbs)

2.2 kg (4.9 lbs)




If the car is equipped with a spare wheel, the load floor is high. Otherwise it is low.

Last updated: 4/28/2021