Ski carrier

Op. No.: 89167

Volvo's aerodynamic aluminum ski holder is suitable for all types of skis and snowboards, including wider equipment with larger bindings.

The ski holder's practical push-button opening makes loading and unloading with thick ski gloves easy.

The holder's design and function are adapted to today's wide range of modern skis and snowboards. The lockable arms have been equipped with soft rubber profiles that ensure that your sports equipment is transported safely and securely.

The flexible ski holder is easy to mount and can be attached directly without tools in the T-tracks on the load carriers.

The accessory comes in two sizes, either for four pairs of skis or up to six pairs of skis (or two or four snowboards).

Part. No.Description
31650225Four pairs of skis (500 mm loading width), Image 1
31650229Six pairs of skis (750 mm loading width), Image 2

Recommended accessories:

The "One Key System" lock kit can be installed if the same key is required for several load accessories; seeLock kit

Adapter for square profile

Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Aerodynamic with lightweight and slim design in aluminum.

  • Practical push-button opening.

  • Holder for four pairs of skis/two snowboards or six pairs of skis/four snowboards.

  • Suitable for all types of skis and snowboards.

  • Can be vertically adjusted to accommodate large bindings.

  • The already low holder becomes even lower when it is unloaded.

  • Wide and soft rubber profiles protect the skis and provide room for ski bags too.

  • Dual locking function that locks both the skis and ski holder onto the load carrier.

  • Suitable for load carriers with T-track.

  • Lock included.

  • "City Crash"-tested and approved according to TÜV

Technical data


Black with aluminum profile

Accessory weight:

3.8 kg/8.4 lbs (500 mm)

4.8 kg/10.6 lbs (750 mm)

Max. speed limitation:

130 km/h (80 mph)




Last updated: 10/20/2021