2011 L.H.D

Exterior Styling

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Dynamically expressive. Perfectly synchronized. Beautifully balanced.

Exterior Styling, general description

To further personalize your car and make it even more exclusive, Volvo has developed a design that exudes a dynamic "crossover" look. Installing these unique styling accessories gives your car a personal and expressive design that everybody will notice.

Exterior Styling

An exclusive and dynamic exterior styling kit that makes your Volvo really stand out on the roads.

Front skid plate

Gives the front of the vehicle a more robust crossover look. Supplied in aluminum finish, which matches the other accessories in "Exterior Styling".

Front decor frame

A styling element that gives the front a more stylish look.

Side scuff plate

The side scuff plate is a product with a robust appearance and aluminum finish that harmonizes the car's sides with the other "Exterior Styling" accessories.

Spoiler for trunk lid

A striking and color-coordinated rear spoiler that improves the already excellent driving characteristics, without increasing fuel consumption, especially at high speeds.

Rear diffuser

A unique diffuser that adds to the sporty and powerful appearance.

Rear skid plate

Gives the rear of the vehicle a robust look. Supplied in aluminum finish, which matches the other accessories in "Exterior Styling".

Sport exhaust system

A unique exhaust system with double tailpipes that further enhance the vehicle's sporty personality. The double tailpipes are installed on each side. Included as standard on R-design models.

Rectangular tailpipes

Rectangular tailpipes in high polished stainless steel that enhance the vehicle's robust look as well as giving it more attitude.

Round tailpipes

Unique tailpipe with chrome finish that further enhances the car's sporty character. Available as single tailpipe or dual tailpipes, depending on how many ordinary tailpipes the car has.

Touch-up paint, paint, bonding primers (Excl. KR, TR)

Volvo Genuine paint. Spray cans and touch-up pens for minor paint damage.