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HomeLink remote control

HomeLink remote control
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Op. No.: 88285

The HomeLink® system makes it possible to operate up to three remote controlled home appliances (garage door, home alarm system, etc.) via a module that is integrated in the sun visor.

The HomeLink® transmitter learns the codes for the different remote control devices using a simple learning process. The system is compatible with most products for access control currently available on the market. For more information and compatibility, see www.homelink.com

Installed by replacing the sunshade and then connecting the new sunshade to the car's electrical system.

Part. No.Description
39822713Soft Beige,

Facts and advantages

  • Replaces up to three separate remote controls

  • Programmed in a few seconds

  • Can be reprogrammed at any time

  • Runs off the car's electrical system

  • Ergonomic and integrated design

  • The system is blocked if the car is locked from the outside.

Technical data



Charcoal, Soft Beige, Quartz


Last updated: 4/28/2022