2013 L.H.D

Round tailpipes

Round tailpipes
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Op. No.: 25208

Unique tailpipe with chrome finish that further enhances the car's sporty character. Available as single tailpipe or dual tailpipes, depending on how many ordinary tailpipes the car has.


Part. No.Description
313739415-cyl, Diesel, 2.0
313739424-cyl, Diesel, 1.6


Part. No.Description
313739425-cyl, Gasoline, 2.5
313739425-cyl, Gasoline, 2.0
313739424-cyl, Gasoline, 2.0
313739424-cyl, Gasoline, 1.6

Facts and advantages

  • Gives your car a sporty, powerful and elegant appearance

  • Installed outside on existing pipes, which first are cut approx. 100 mm

Technical data


Polished stainless steel

Accessory weight:

1 kg (2.2 lbs)/pipe


80 mm




Not suitable for the T6, D5 as these versions already have designed tailpipes. Cannot be combined with rear skid plate.

  1. The kits only contain one tailpipe. Two kits are required for cars with dual tailpipes.
Last updated: 4/28/2022