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Exterior Styling Kit

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Op. No.: 89163

The styling offer consists of a colour matched rear skid plate with unique exhaust pipe as well as front skid plate. Together, the styling elements in the "Exterior Styling Kit" give your car a more distinctive design.

Skid plate, front bumper. A styling element for the front of the car that enhances the car's powerful look. A brushed stainless steel skid plate gives your car a dynamic, exclusive and more robust look.

Skid plate, rear bumper with double end pipes. This styling element enhances the visual look of the rear of the car. In addition to a colour matched lower bumper section with a skid plate in brushed stainless steel, also included are fully integrated exhaust end pipes. The double end pipes give the impression of four end pipes that look powerful and exclusive.

Part. No.Description
39792427001, Unpainted
39792423 Black Stone, 019
39792425Passion Red, 612
39792426Ice White, 614
39792428 Electric Silver, 477
39792429Chrystal White Pearl, 707
39792430Bright Silver Metallic, 711
39792431Osmium Grey, 714
39792432Onyx Black, 717
39792433Luminous Sand, 719
39792434Bursting Blue, 720
39792435Mussle Blue, 721
39792436Maple Brown, 722
39792437Denim Blue, 723
39792438Pine Grey, 724
39792439Fusion Red, 725
+ Connection pipe, for cars with one or two round end pipes
Part. No.Description
31664355T8 (B4204T35, B4204T28), Ch -63227
30795584T8 (B4204T49, B4204T48, B4204T35, B4204T34, B4204T28), Ch 63228-
30795584T8 (B4204T49, B4204T48, B4204T35, B4204T34, B4204T28), Ch 452307-
31664355T8 (B4204T35, B4204T34, B4204T28), Ch -452306
31664355T6 (B4204T29, B4204T27), Ch -63227
30795584T6 (B4204T29, B4204T27), Ch 63228-
30795584T6 (B4204T29, B4204T27), Ch 452696-
31664355T6 (B4204T29, B4204T27), Ch -452695
31664354T5 (B4204T20, B4204T26, B4204T23)
31664354T4 (B4204T44, B4204T31)
32270753B6 (B420T)
32270753B5 (B420T2)
32270753B4 (B420T6)
32147048B5 (D420T2)
32147048B4 (D420T8)
31664354D5 (D4204T23)
31664354D4 (D4204T14, D4204T7)
31664354D3 (D4204T4)
+ Mounting kit for cars fitted with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)"1
Part. No.
+ Information decal for cars fitted with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)"
Part. No.Description
32207971Excl. CN
+ Placement decal for cars fitted with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)"
Part. No.
+ Application, for cars equipped with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)"2
Part. No.

Recommended accessories:

Complete wheels, 22" 5-Double Spoke Matt Black Diamond Cut - C008

Complete wheels, 22" 10-Open Spoke Black Diamond Cut - C009

Technical data


VCC10838, VCC10861, VCC10836, VCC10862, VCC10749

Accessory weight:

5.9 kg (kit)


For cars equipped with "Foot movement detection (FMDM)", the sensor will be moved from the centre of the rear bumper to the left-hand corner of the rear bumper when installing this styling kit.


Order item numbers 31452663 (left) and 31452664 (right) if 31664354 is sold out.

Order item numbers 31452663 (left) and 32203493 (right) if 30795584 is sold out.

  1. The sensors must be moved in order to work properly.
  2. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 2/15/2023