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AEM, Accessory electronic module

AEM, Accessory electronic module
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Op. No.: 36077

This electronic module enables you to obtain new functions from our accessories. This is thanks to its capacity to "talk to the car" in the car's own language.

An increasing number of accessories are being developed for our cars, with new or enhanced functions. At times the accessory must be able to communicate with the car's electrical system (CAN-based) in order to function. To achieve this we have developed an accessory electronic module (AEM).

Part. No.
+ Application1
Part. No.

The accessories in the list below must be connected to the AEM in order to function. One module is sufficient to connect all currently existing accessories:

Accessories requiring connection to the AEM:


Alarm signal output2

Part. No.
+ Application, alarm signal output
Part. No.

This product enables activation of the tracking system or other types of anti-theft equipment that require certain input signals such as Alarm activated/deactivated, Alarm triggered, door or Ignition key.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. Only some markets
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