2017 L.H.D

Load Compartment

Reversible luggage compartment mat

A high quality, reversible protective mat. The mat is waterproof with tufted fabric on one side and plastic on the other.

All-weather luggage compartment mat

An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the luggage compartment and colour matched to the rest of the interior.

Load Securing

Load lashing strap

The load in the load compartment can be held securely in place using this practical and user-friendly load lashing strap.


Foldable towbar (Excl. AU, BR, CL, CN, IN, KH, LK, MM, MX, NZ, PH, SG, VN)

With the electrically folding towbar you do not have to stretch beneath the car to detach or remove the towbar. Pressing a button in the luggage compartment fold the towbar out. A simple hand movement positions the towbar in a locked position.

Plug adapter for towbar (Excl. AU, BR, CL, CN, IN, KH, LK, MM, NZ, PH, SG, VN)

For temporary adaptation of the car's towbar wiring to suit another pin connection on the trailer.

Load Carriers

Load carrier

A specially designed transport system for loads on the roof. The load carriers are two swept aluminum profiles and feet with full-coverage black plastic casings.

Lock kit

A locking system that makes it easier for you to supplement the load carriers with additional accessories. You can lock up to six lockable accessories using the same key.

Bicycle Holder

Bike rack for 1 bike, roof (Excl. CN)

A frame mounted bicycle holder with modern dynamic design. For safe transportation and flexible attachment, your bike is secured automatically.

Folding bicycle holder for towbar, 2 bikes – FIX4BIKE® (Excl. AU, BR, CL, CN, IN, JP, KH, LK, MM, NZ, PH, PT, SG, VN)

A very compact bicycle holder in a first-class design for two bicycles that is easy to handle and store. The bicycle holder is prepared for a towbar equipped with "FIX4BIKE®". The advantage of "FIX4BIKE®" is that the bicycle holder has a better fitting and is easier to fit onto the towbar.

Bicycle holder for towbar, 2 bikes (Excl. AU, BR, CA, CL, CN, IN, JP, KH, LK, MM, MY, NZ, PH, PT, SG, US, VN)

A safe and modern transport system for two bicycles, which is very practical and easy to use on cars with a towbar. Fitted on the towing hitch and is easy to load as the loading height is low.

Bicycle holder for towbar, 3-4 bikes (Excl. CN, JP, PT)

The modern bicycle holder can transport three bikes, but can also be supplemented with an adapter to transport four bikes.

Sport Equipment Holder

Ski holder

Volvo's aerodynamically designed aluminium ski holder is suitable for all types of skis and snowboards, even wider equipment with larger bindings.

Retractable ski holder

With the retractable ski holder, there is no need for you to climb onto the car and get dirty when you load and unload. With a simple pull, the ski holder slides out to the side of the car, providing easier access to your skis.

Roof Boxes

Roof box, Travel Premier 430 (Excl. PR, US)

The Volvo Cars designed roof box has a volume of 430 litres, which makes it very functional. The aerodynamic design has been optimised for minimal air resistance and wind noise, and the sporty look is enhanced by the high gloss black paint.

Roof box, Travel Active 500 (Excl. PR)

This Volvo Cars designed roof box has a volume of 500 litres, which makes it very functional for car journeys with a large amount of luggage and bulky luggage. The extensive load volume can accommodate longer objects such as snowboards and skis, and even has space for rucksacks and collapsible chairs.

Roof box, Travel 400

The Travel 400 roof box is a functional roof box for all your needs. This Volvo Cars self-designed roof box has a volume of 400 litres, which makes it very practical for car journeys with a large amount of luggage. The spacious load volume can accommodate rucksacks and collapsible chairs, for example.