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RSE multimedia system - two screens and two DVD players, general description

The system contains two bright 8" widescreen LCD screens. Touch-based user interface and an improved design.

The screens can be tilted for individual adjustment and they minimise sun glare and reflection.

In addition to the two individual DVD players, each RSE headrest has inputs for USB, SD card, Apple devices and AUX allowing connection of external sources and streaming with Apple products. Via the Apple interface, it is possible to stream video app content from a connected Apple product to the RSE system. Examples of video apps 1 NETFLIX, hulu, VIAPLAY and SVT PLAY.

The RSE system contains two designed wireless headsets and a remote control. The devices have been thoroughly tested and meet Volvo's high safety demands.

Compatibility media:


CD-R/RW DVD-ROM/Dual-layer





Apple devices

Compatibility format:



Hybrid SACD (play CD layer only)



JPEG baseline, extended-sequential and progressive

MPEG-1 Video

MPEG-2 main level, main profiles video (720x480 and 720x576)

MPEG-4 ASP Video

DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x, Max resolution: 720x480/NTSC, 720x576/PAL



MP3 files according MPEG 1,2, 2.5

Data rate: 8 kbit/s up to 320 kbit/s

Constant or variable data rate (CBR or VBR)

Sample rates: 8 kHz up to 48 kHz

ID3 tag up to version 2.4

Compatible Apple devices

iPod mini

iPod (4th generation)

iPod (5th generation)

iPod nano

iPod nano (2nd generation)

iPod nano (3rd generation)

iPod nano (4th generation)

iPod nano (5th generation)

iPod nano (6th generation)

iPod classic

iPod classic (120 GB)

iPod classic (160 GB)

iPod touch

iPod touch (2nd generation)

iPod touch (3rd generation)

iPod touch (4th generation)


iPad (2nd generation)

iPad (3rd generation)


iPhone 3G

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S


Support for max 32 GB and 512 files on storage media (USB & SD).


Streaming requires an Internet connected Apple product that is connected with the supplied cable via the Apple interface. The Apple device's internet connection is used. It is not possible to control the telephone from the RSE system. Media content can be blocked for further streaming by the app manufacturer and or by the media supplier. For requirements for connection speed, refer to the respective app manufacturer's requirements. App availability is dependent on the app manufacturer's specifications. The speed and quality of internet connection is dependent on the user's subscription.


It is not possible to connect Apple devices with a lightning connector.

  1. Available video apps vary between different countries.
Last updated: 4/28/2022