Child seat, padded upholstery

Child seat, padded upholstery
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Op. No.: 85745

For the integrated booster seat there is both padded upholstery and pillow with built-in side supports that improve sitting comfort and keeps the child steadily in place.

The upholstery is easy to install over the integrated booster cushion and is removed when not used. The side supports are easy to remove before washing thanks to a zipper. At the bottom, the upholstery is provided with a plastic vinyl dirt cover which protects the rear seat's original upholstery.

The pillow is easy to pull over the standard head restraints in the rear seat. The built-in pillows in the sides give good, comfortable support and keeps the child's head in place when sleeping. Side pillows are easily removed before washing.

Part. No.Description
31351096Padded upholsteryInstallation Instruction
31351093Head restraintInstallation Instruction

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Last updated: 1/23/2021