2008 R.H.D

CD changer, 6-disc

CD changer, 6-disc
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Op. No.: 39522

As an accessory, Volvo makes it possible to upgrade from the factory-fitted CD player to a CD changer with room for up to six CDs, provided that the car is factory-fitted with either Premium Sound or High Performance Sound.

The CD changer supports the compressed audio format mp3 and WMA and has an AUX input for the analog connection of an external music player. If an external music player is connected to the AUX input, the audio volume can be controlled via the car's audio system. Other control functions, for example, start/stop and changing tracks, are performed with the help of the connected music player.

Part. No.Description
36050932Ch 60489-, Excl. CA, US
+ Application1
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The system requirement for updating to CD-changer is that the car is factory-equipped with audio system High Performance Sound or Premium Sound.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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