Premium Sound System, HU-803

Premium Sound System, HU-803

An excellent system for the most discerning listener.

HU-803 radio

  • Volvo's "top of the line radio" with an integrated CD changer for up to 4 discs

  • 30 presets for radio stations

  • Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound

  • World tuner for FM and AM bands with RDS/RDBS

  • Control for external CD changer for 10 discs

  • For complete specifications, see Radio table

PA-300 amplifier

  • A compact 300 W high power output amplifier for clearer, more powerful and distortion-free sound

  • For complete specifications, see Radio table

Premium Sound loudspeakers

The loudspeaker system consists of two 8" bass loudspeakers in the front doors with separate 3" mid-range loudspeakers and 1" tweeter speakers, of Premium class for the very discerning listener.

Together with the associated 6.5" bass loudspeakers in the rear doors and 8" parcel shelf loudspeakers, you get a very high quality loudspeaker system.

The tweeter loudspeaker kit in the D-pillar (V70, V70 R, XC70) contains two tweeters/mid-range loudspeakers that significantly enhance the rear audio reproduction.

Operation number:

Radio HU-850


Amplifier PA-300


Loudspeakers, front doors


Loudspeakers, rear doors


Loudspeakers, dashboard


Loudspeakers, parcel shelf (S60, S60 R)


Loudspeakers, D-pillar (V70, V70 R, XC70)


Tweeter loudspeakers, front doors



For cars equipped with front door panels adapted for Premium loudspeakers (FDPAN2). See Vehicle Info in the web-based TIE system. VDN name= NA02. VDN= Variant Designation Number

Last updated: 5/14/2020