Phone, integrated

Phone, integrated

Op. No.: 39401

Part. No.Description
3077588505-, V70 R

For the above mentioned part number, the following applies: 01-, antenna included in the phone kit. If the car is equipped with rain sensor, cover 9484493 must be used.

+ Application1
Part. No.Description
9438263V70 R
+ Steering wheel buttons, 4-spoke steering wheel
Part. No.Description
3073774405-, Charcoal
3073774405-, Charcoal, V70 R
+ Steering wheel buttons, 3-spoke steering wheel
Part. No.Description
3120149807-, Charcoal
3120149807-, Charcoal, V70 R

When changing from 4-spoke to 3-spoke steering wheel: make sure you select the buttons that correspond to your current functions, e.g. integrated phone.

+ Head restraint cover (leather only)
Part. No.Description
3998804605-, Gray
3998804705-, Oak/Arena
3998804805-, Light Sand beige
3998804905-, Oak/Oak
3998804605-, V70 R, Grey
3998804705-, Oak/Arena, V70 R
3998804805-, Light Sand beige, V70 R
3998804905-, Oak/Oak, V70 R
+ Head restraint cover (soft leather)
Part. No.Description
3998822905-, Gray
3998823005-, Oak/Arena
3998823105-, Light Sand beige
3998822905-, V70 R, Grey
3998823005-, Oak/Arena, V70 R
3998823105-, Light Sand beige, V70 R
  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 6/5/2020