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Running board, integrated

Running board, integrated
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Op. No.: 84136

Using this Running board you significantly heighten the appearance of the car and the Cross Country feel. At the same time obtaining a well-integrated board to stand on when getting in and out of the vehicle and when loading the roof.

The running board consists of an exclusive aluminium plate with anti-slip rubber that forms a well-designed pattern. This is all framed by a plastic panel that replaces the car's regular sill panels. The Running board is modeled to be wide where needed, from the middle and backward and narrower at the front, to minimize the risk of dirty trousers when getting in and out through the front doors.

Only recommended for standing on with the doors open, to facilitate loading the roof for example.

Read more about the exterior styling concept at Exterior Styling Concept.

Part. No.Description
30784191(complete kit)Installation Instruction
+ Rivet puller
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Facts and advantages

  • Facilitates access to the roof when loading and unloading, washing, etc.

  • Simplifies getting in and out of the car

  • Well integrated in the lower sill area with an exclusive upper aluminium decor surface with raised rubber edges to minimize the risk of slipping

  • Suits all variants, and does not prevent the use of a jack

  • Mainly made of plastic and aluminium

Technical data


Steel, aluminium, PP-EPDM and TPE-plastic


Black and brushed aluminium

Accessory weight:

7 kg (15.4 lbs)/side

Withstands a load of:

150 kg (330 lbs)




Mudflaps are recommended at the front to prevent stone chips on the car's Running board.


Cannot be combined with Side Scuff Plates.


To install "Running board, integrated" the standard Side Scuff Plate on R-design models must be removed. As the colour coded sill trim panel also needs to be replaced this is not recommended.

Last updated: 4/28/2022