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Charging station for dealers with communication via LAN

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The charging station has been developed in collaboration with GARO and is designed for sustainability, safety and efficiency.

The charging station can charge an electric vehicle up to 22 kW or a plug-in hybrid/Twin Engine up to 7 kW.

The charging station has a modern design, is built for Nordic climates to withstand very variable weather, and includes an integrated 4-metre cable.

The charging station can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

The charging station also has a connection function with communication via LAN.

The charging station supports cloud-based smart charging and remote control. To enable these functions, Communication box must be ordered.

Remote control enables over-the-air diagnoses, troubleshooting, and more.

Among other functions, smart charging enables load balancing between a series of different charging stations in the same geographical location.

You can use a web portal to lock and unlock the charging station, see charging status history, and more.

Dynamic LED lighting on the top of the charging station, which shows charging status. This lights up in green when it is ready to be used and blue when a vehicle is connected and charging.

The charging time depends on the vehicle's charge at the time it is connected.

Charging station with RFID reader, energy meter and up to 2x22 kW charging points.

Part. No.Description
32324028LAN, 4m fixed cable (Mode 3)
+ Communication box
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Charge up to two vehicles at the same time.

  • Integrated cable with a length of 4 metres.

  • Water resistant in accordance with classification IP44.

  • Operating temperature range: -25 °C to 40 °C.

  • Connection function via LAN.

  • Dynamic LED lighting on the top of the charging station.

  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Technical data


White and grey


Aluminium and PC/ASA

Accessory weight:

30 kg

Dimensions, height x width x depth:

37,5 x 140 x 20,8 cm


TIM00774, TIM00775, TIM00778


This product is only available for dealers.

For all connected functions, such as smart charging, remote control, web portal, and access to technical support, the GreenFlux subscription package for Volvo Charging@Retail Partners is required.

The charging time depends on what charge the car has from the start and the amperage rating of the socket.

The charging station's maximum power is 2 x 22 kW, but the actual power is determined by each car.


Installation of the charging station must be performed by a certified electrician. To install the charging station, the property must be equipped with a TN network1 with neutral wire. For correct connection voltages, see the installation manual. Contact your Volvo dealer for more information.


The charging station meets the requirements of EU legislation. For more information, see Declaration_of_conformity_LS4 (only available in English and Swedish).

  1. See the international standard IEC 60364
Last updated: 5/15/2024