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Load carrier, wing profile for rails

Load carrier, wing profile for rails
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Op. No.: 89141

A high quality load carrier for safe and secure transport of loads on the roof.

The aerodynamically shaped wing profile has been optimised to give minimal wind resistance and wind noise, which makes the car journey more comfortable.

The load carrier makes it quick and easy to install Volvo's roof boxes, bicycle holder and holders for sports equipment.

Together with the integrated torque wrench it can be easily adjusted for correct fastening, which gives increased safety and security.

It is easy to install and remove.

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Recommended accessories:

Lock kit can be installed and allows use of the same key for the load carrier and roof load accessory.

Facts and advantages

  • Attractive Volvo design.

  • Aerodynamic wing profile with T-track.

  • The load carrier is made of 30% recycled material.

  • Ergonomic adjustment with integrated torque wrench and lock.

  • Can be installed on vehicles with roof rails.

  • All Volvo's loading accessories are suitable. However, some loading accessories require T-track adaptation.

  • Volvo marked.

  • Lock included (includes four keys).

  • "City Crash" tested.1

Technical data


Aluminium, steel and rubber with protective cover in durable plastic


Black with aluminium profile

Accessory weight:

5.6 kg (12 lbs)

Load width:

1040 mm

Maximum roof load when driving:

100 kg (220 lbs)

Static roof load (e.g. for roof tent):

300 kg




Not suitable for vehicles without roof rails.


With the load carriers fitted, the height will be 10 cm higher from the rails on the car. See the owner's manual for more dimensions.

  1. City Crash test according to ISO 11154-5 / DIN 75302: 2006-05 simulates a collision in a city environment at 30 km/h with a maximum 100 kg roof load.
Last updated: 5/30/2023