Decor panel

Decor panel
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Good-looking interior kits in exclusive materials that give the passenger compartment a luxurious impression.

Centre console, for cars with Four-C button. Centre console + dashboard (set of three panels)

Part. No.Description
31414969Milled Aluminium, LHDInstallation Instruction
6815599Classic Wood, LHDInstallation Instruction
6815603Cross Avenue, LHDInstallation Instruction
6815606Crossed Aluminium, LHDInstallation Instruction
6815595Feather Line, LHDInstallation Instruction
6815610Modern Wood, LHDInstallation Instruction
Part. No.Description
31414970Milled Aluminium, RHDInstallation Instruction
31414976Shimmer Graphite, RHDInstallation Instruction
31401806Dark Walnut, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815601Classic Wood, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815604Cross Avenue, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815608Crossed Aluminium, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815597Feather Line, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815612Modern Wood, RHDInstallation Instruction

Centre console, for cars without Four-C button, Centre console + dashboard (set of three panels)

Part. No.Description
31414968Milled Aluminium, RHDInstallation Instruction
31414974Shimmer Graphite, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815600Classic Wood, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815613Cross Avenue, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815607Crossed Aluminum, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815596Feather Line, RHDInstallation Instruction
6815611Modern Wood, RHDInstallation Instruction

Panel kit, Doors

Part. No.Description
31414971Milled Aluminium, Installation Instruction
31414977Shimmer Graphite, Installation Instruction
31401807Dark Walnut, Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Milled Aluminium: Ribbed aluminium

  • Classic Wood: Gloss varnished genuine walnut root. Matches wood bud and wood steering wheel Classic Wood both exclusively and stylishly

  • Cross Avenue: Aluminium with an innovative and elegant pattern

  • Crossed Aluminium: Brushed aluminium

  • Dark Walnut: Genuine walnut root in a high-class gloss varnish finish

  • Feather Line: Aluminium with an exclusive pattern and polished edges

  • Modern Wood: Matt varnished genuine oak

  • Shimmer Graphite: Panels in aluminium

Technical data


Wood, aluminium

Accessory weight

Panel, centre console:

0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

Panel dashboard:

0.3 kg (0.66 lbs)

Panel kit, doors:

0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)


VCC_04691, VCC_04716

Last updated: 1/23/2021